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Market Review: Weekly Trading Signals Alerts ( Gold, Silver, Currencies,..)

Last Update: 4th june 2013 COMMODITIES: GOLD Gold is presently locked in a symmetrical triangle formation on the four hour chart which is approaching completion. A symmetrical triangle has a… more

Market Review: Weekly Outlook May 20th- 24th ( Last Update 22th May )

Gold Gold is showing two things on the hourly chart. First, a double top has just completed with the price of the asset presently at the neckline (1382.70). Secondly, the… more

Market Review: GBPUSD / EURUSD Weekly Outlook – May 13th – 17th

GBPUSD For the GBPUSD, an ascending channel has formed as shown below. The play for this asset is as follows: a)      If there is a break of the lower trend… more

Market Review: EURJPY Weekly Outlook – MAY 6th – 10th

Expectations for the market were met by the ECB at the last policy meeting that was held on May 2, the minimum was cut by the Governing Council and the… more

Weekly Market Review : Equity Market Returns

Even though charts in some cases are positives, markets should move with a significant dose of cautious. During this week, the France CAC 40 percentage change is negative in front… more