Weekly Market Review : Equity Market Returns

Business FocusEven though charts in some cases are positives, markets should move with a significant dose of cautious. During this week, the France CAC 40 percentage change is negative in front of MSCI China, according to DataStream financial source. One of the most disappointing issues in global economy and that maybe will have a negative impact in UK is unclear political situation in Italy, bad news from EU countries and the giant China. In fact, there is an uncertain impact by United States sequestration which has resulted in some equity market returns throughout the week. In the case of US-market, a rising in stock can help them to rebuild are the problems and crisis produced during 2007 to 2009. However, ascending stocks stimulate consumption and a more dynamic economy that will have a good impact in Europe and the rest of the world. In the case of China, they had its worst Monday since 2011 and investors are now undecided and they would like to know whether this stock behavior is a new trend or not. On the other hand, those independent brokers who are putting their money in the game should have in mind these trends in order they can make smarter decisions and can get the most out of everything related to stocks, binary options and even foreign exchange. In fact, before stock markets open its doors there are some relevant aspects that you must check out such as the economy, the buzz—or what people are commenting—, the charts of the day as well as reading market reviews are good articles.

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