What is Binary Options Trading ?

Binary Options Trading in UK

Binary Options Trading : Get up to 90% Return

Binary Options trading is a simple way of investing online for a quick fixed return at at a fixed expiration time.

it’s called “ Binary” because only you can choose to place two options. Those two options are “ Call “ and “ Put”.

There are several types of binary options trades such as:

Digital (Up / Down or High / Low ): The most popular binary option trading. A binay CALL is the option when the investor believe an asset ( commodity, indices, stocks, currencies ) will rise in price within a limited time ( expiration time ) , and binary PUT when the trader believe the asset will fall below the current price.

This type of binary options trading is just make a simple YES / NOT question , such as the crude oil will below or above the the current price at end of the hour ? If you think that the crude oil will be below the current price you can buy a PUT OPTION or sell the contract.
Otherwise you think the crude oil will be above the current price you can buy a CALL OPTION.

Range: ( In / Out ): The investor predicts if an asset will expire within a predeterminated range.

Touch ( touch / Not touch ) : The trader predicts if the price of an asset will touch a price barrier or not.

When we talk about binary options we are considering it is a financial instrument, which is capable to simplify the way you trade obtaining a fixed benefit based on the amount of money you invest. One of the most relevant differences between binary options and standard options is the period of expiration time. In standard options it regularly expire after three weeks or once the contract is over. In binary options is very simple to trade and earn profit speculating on the finantial markets. Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean you don’t’ have serious risks. Most people who are interested in participating in binary options are often experts but also people like you and me that start using this way of trading as a powerful option to put their money in the game and obtain a good profit.

There a lot of binary options brokers where you can trade options on markets. I recommend youto chose your broker carefully before investing your money.

The game start when you choose an asset where you are interested in participate. It could be a commodity like crude oil or a currency pair like EUR/USD. You must decide or choose a direction you think these assets will have in a period of time –increase or decrease—and then you choose an amount of money you are interested in invest. Once this binary option expires automatically the profit will be reflected in your account.

Read our full article about How to trade binary options, and the basic terminology ( terms ) about binary options.

Binary Options benefits

The simplicity is the first aspect we must consider in binary options. However, there are more things we can mention as clear benefits. In addition, the risk is minimal and is very different than trading in the other forms like Forex, because you only risk the money of your options purchase or trade.
Moreover, only choosing the option you will have the opportunity of getting your cash exactly the same day you make your investment or during the next hours.
By the way, you can choose from a wide range of assets. Finally, binary options allows you to trade in those fields you can understand better and you can have the opportunity of remain informed all the time about those aspects which are very signification for understanding trading.

Forex or Binary Options ?

In comparison with Forex sites , Binary Options trading is much safer than Forex trading because you get a good return on your money.
Binary Options is much less risky than Forex because in the foreign exchange market you can lose the full amount of the money in your trading account while with Binary Options you only risk the amount for the specific trade.
However Binary Option trading is a risky investment and you need a good strategies to avoid lose your money.

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