How to Trade Binary Options ?

When you are investing your money in stock markets or currencies there are two different ways: standard options and binary options. In fact, you can use binary options because it is easier to understand and operate and you have the possibility of start your own career dedicating your life to invest money in a very simple and flexible way. In other words, you can trade in binary options using intelligence, knowledge of the market and perception to determine the fluctuation a specific asset is going to have in the market. One of the best examples I can show you is “the gold”. During 2010 gold prices in the international market start rising due to several market variables but specially due an increasing in Asian consumption of this valuable metal. Having in mind this information you can choose this asset in a binary option platform and determine the movement or direction the gold will have in the following hours.

Binary options is a trading real game where you must ask you questions like, Do I understand the fluctuation a specific asset will have during the following 24 hours? What about the crude oil? Does it will increase or decrease within the next 12 hours? And What about the EUR and USD? What’s the fluctuation it will have at the end of the day? These questions combined with your knowledge of the market and intuition will lead you to choose a direction. The next step is choosing an amount of money that you want to invest in this specific asset. Most popular binary options websites like Banc de Binary , 24option, AnyOption or OptionBit allows you to make minimum deposits of $250 or less but you don’t have to make investment for your minimum deposit. In fact, you are allowed to make investment of any value under the money you have available in your personal account.

Since binary options expiration time is very short, you can handle multiple investments running at the same time on different assets. So, you can invest $50.00 in crude oil assuming it will decrease and invest $75.00 in gold and $35.00 in silver assuming both will have a negative movement. Depending on the platform you are making your investment you can have a payout that in most cases is superior to 60% of the money invested and in some websites such as you can obtain profits up to 95% of the money invested. Finally, you can start trading in binary options the same day you sign up and become part of one of these real alternative you have in the web.

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